Educational Computer Gaming (ECG)

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Even before 2000, there were many computer games that attempted to have users learn or practice knowledge and skills for many, many topics, mostly available on CDs running on personal computers. Select any of the publications or links below about educational computer gaming.

Redfield, C. L., "Finding Educational Computer Games", CUNY Game Festival, New York, NY, January 16-17, 2015

Redfield, C., "Gamification and Creating Game Developers", ISECON 2013, San Antonio, Texas, November 9, 2013
Creating Computer Game Developers.pdf

Redfield, C., Uhlig, P., "Game Development Class in 6 Weeks," AACE's Society for Information Technology & Teacher, Education (SITE) 2012, Austin, TX, March 2012.
Game Development in 6 Weeks POSTER with colors.pdf

Redfield, C.L., "Using Educational Computer Games for a Class," eLearning 2011, St. Pete Beach, Florida, February 19-22, 2011.

Redfield, C.L., "Find a STEM Educational Computer Game," STEMtech 2010, Orlando, FL, October 31-November 2, 2010.
Search for STEM Educational Computer Games POSTER.pdf

ISAGA (2010) - Algebra Learning Improved with a COTS Computer Game
Algebra-Learning-impacted-COTS-MBA - HANDOUT.ppt

Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education (2009) - COTS Computer Game Effectiveness

AACE SITE (2009) - Unpredicted Educational Uses of Video Games

AACE SITE (2007) - Educational Game Effectiveness - paper and presentation
SITE2007 Redfield, Gaither, Redfield.pdf

AACE SITE (2006) - Survey of Electronic Games that Teach - paper and presentation
Survey of Electronic Games That Teach - AACE-SITE paper.pdf
Survey of Games that Teach-presentation2.pdf

A survey of existing COTS educational computer games in 2000 mapped against elementary Core Knowledge curriculum topics.
Edu games on CDs vs. Core Knowledge paper 2000
Edu games on CDs vs. Core Knowledge poster 2000

A survey of existing COTS educational computer games in 1999 mapped against the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Edu games on CDs vs. TEKS paper 1999
Edu games on CDs vs. TEKS poster 1999

AI and gaming papers
A cooperative N-Person Game Solution.pdf

image333.png "Click on image to download executable file of game to run and play on a Windows PC. File size (79.5 MB)"
Game made by a John Jay Science and Engineering Academy student.
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